La Libreria del Viaggiatore

La Libreria del Viaggiatore
La Libreria del Viaggiatore
In the heart of Rome, a cultural centre open to everyone
La Libreria del Viaggiatore
Libreria del Viaggiatore

There are places that, over the years, become points of reference and that, rightfully, become part of inhabitants’ lives. The “Libreria del Viaggiatore” (Traveller’s Bookstore) is one of these places.

Tourist guides, foreign photo books, illustrated volumes, new, rare or out-of-print travel tales. Those who visit the Libreria del Viaggiatore are often interested in buying travel books. And this is something which opens and shows limitless mental and physical spaces. However the visit is not only limited to this. Indeed, over time, the “Libreria del Viaggiatore” has become the editorial office of a publishing house, a cultural centre and a hub for social events and conferences. 

Travels teach that places are definitively the mirror of people working therein. And that’s true also for the Libreria del Viaggiatore, which was taken over by two young publishers – Eleonora Pellegrini and Luigi Politano - who have occupied the 160 square meters (50 upstairs and 110 downstairs) with books, the traveller café and the Round Robin editorial office, a publishing house which has been producing current affairs- and society related books for over ten years. In the near future other initiatives will be launched, such as classes to learn how to make a tourist guide (thanks to an agreement with the agency Polaris) and the sections dedicated to the “Mediterranean noir” and to the graphic novel.

The bookstore includes a reading room too. Furthermore, with the free wi-fi connection, it is possible to work in via del Pellegrino, amongst the books scent.

The bookstore owners aim at shaping a new cultural model, so as to prevent places like this one from being down-sized or closed. For this reason, they describe their bookstore as a workplace in a constant work in progress situation, always open to new ideas and intellectual contributions. The latest idea is to create a Festival of the Mediterranean, because travels have no borders.

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