Style will out in Formello

Style will out in Formello
Style will out in Formello
Street-art and urban blitz school
Style will out in Formello
Style will out in Formello | Street-art and urban blitz school

How to boost talent and cultivate passion? Studying, experimenting and attending places and people that can stimulate new ideas and be a source of inspiration. Based on these considerations, the project “La classe non è acqua” (Syle will out) consists of a series of workshops and meetings for street art lovers to be held until next June in Formello; a series of workshops where the most important writers of the international scene meet young talents.

Formello promotes new creative languages
Eleven great protagonists of creativity speak of collages, paintings on the walls, stencil-graffiti, urban performances and installations in the former wash-Center for Engraving and Graphic Art of Formello. Characters like Iginio de Luca, Lisa Gelli, Rub Kandy, Lucamaleonte or Veronica Montanino teach participants the techniques of street art and urban blitz.

Main events: Alessandrini, Gelli, Nemo's, Bulgini, Diavù and Montanino
On May, 21-22 and 28 to 29  will be the turn of Nicola Alessandrini and Lisa Gelli; both illustrators will involve the participants to design and implement a masonry starting from the collective poetic Alessandrini - at the main core of his research the relationship between the single man and society - to carry out a re-interpretation of the signe and the body representation.

"Designing collective site-specific work for the popular Museum of Formello (DIF)" is the name of the laboratory which will take place on June, 4-5  curated by Nemo, famous for his concept of street art as a form of urban interaction, in close relation with people and places. His works can incorporate the existing architectural elements. On June, 10-11 at the center of the project will be the work of Alexander Bulgini, as with hundreds of solo and group exhibitions, has long been conceived his artistic interventions in the territory as a practice of "resistance." "La classe non è acqua" will close on June 25 to 26 with the work of David Diavù and Veronica Montanino; the first one is a visual artist and musician, the second is an artist devoted to the practice of camouflage and remix, in Formello will focus on custom: from the 50's and 60's US KustomKulture  to the Custom Toys phenomenon that has transformed toys into the work of art. Each participant will be asked to develop his own work of art to custom during the workshop, while Veronica Montanino will custom the school bus of Formello with the help of its students.

How to participate
To enter the street-art mood, just register for upcoming workshops, divided  in two days of study and practice (f12 hours), taking place on Saturday and Sunday. The cost to attend each workshop is 100 euro (75 for RUFA students). To register you must send an email to or a message to the Facebook page of the DIF, indicating the course you want to attend, your personal details and contact number.

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