La città incantata 2018

La città incantata 2018
La città incantata 2018
International meeting of designers who save the world
La città incantata 2018
La città incantata 2018 | International meeting of designers who save the world

With 50 guests from all over the world including entertainers, directors, screenwriters, designers, street artists, storyboarders, colorists, graphic designers with a special focus on women - with the artists who have marked the history and the young promises, the 8th, 9th 10 June in Civita di Bagnoregio (VT) returns "The Enchanted City 2018 - International Meeting of Designers Who Save the World" promoted by the Lazio Region with the ABC Art Beauty Culture Project, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bagnoregio, Rome Lazio Film Commission, LAZIOcrea , ATCL - Theatrical Association between the Municipalities of Lazio. Located between squares, alleys, streets, houses and private gardens open for the occasion, the Meeting will start on Friday 8 June at 17.00 and will end at 13.30 on Sunday 10 June: 72 hours of meetings, exhibitions, projections, exhibitions, workshops , with free admission, during which visitors can participate actively and interactively, interfacing with the guest designers of "La città incantata".

For the fourth consecutive year, the unique scenario of the UNESCO candidate city will return to be the capital of the world animation with a tried and tested appointment, able to transform the suspended cloud of Civita di Bagnoregio into a kingdom inhabited by unique artists to tell the story history, knowing the present and discovering new trends.

Directed by Luca Raffaelli, the International Meeting of designers who save the 2018 world, for the first time will host a real feminine retrospective where you can compare Fusako Yusaki, a Japanese artist and sculptor known for his animation work with the plasticine, as well as the historical "creator" of some of Carosello's most beloved characters, the New Yorker Candy Kugel, award-winning author who will bring a sneak preview of her latest film "I Candy", to the very Italian Francesca Ferrario, plasticine animator who worked with Peter Lord and promised the animated film of the nostrano "one pitch", and Marta Gennari with Giulia Martinelli, the young animation authors of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia who won the EAA (European Animation Award) with their end-of-course essay "Merlot". And again, Lucia Bulgheroni, who with "Inanimate" won the third prize of the best short films or at the Cannes festival. A journey into feminine production, from the history of animation to the contemporary, looking to the future with new talents and new promises.

Among the great guests expected for the fourth International Meeting of designers who save the world 2018 there will also be Peter Lord, British director and film producer, co-founder of Aardman Animations, acclaimed for both feature films and short films, especially those starring duo of puppets Wallace & Gromit. With three Oscar nominations, in 2013 as best animated film for "Pirates! Briganti da strapazzo ", and before, in 1993 and in 1997 as best animated short film respectively for" Adam "and" Wat's Pig ", Peter Lord is also co-author, co-producer and director of Galline in fuga (2000) among the most successful stop-motion movies.

Italian cartoonist, cartoonist and director, guest of the three days in Civita di Bagnoregio will also be one of the most famous satirical pencils in Italy, Sergio Staino who with "The pencil beyond the darkness" will propose a story with a happy ending on how an artist who sees less and less can still continue to draw.Non only animation: The Enchanted City 2018 - International Meeting of designers who save the world, for the first time in 2018, will also become a musical stage with the concert of Lillo and the Vagabonds with his "musical variety" "In the sign of the contamination between music, dance and comedy.

On the occasion of "The Enchanted City - International Meeting of Designers Who Save the World", Rome Lazio Film Commission organizes "Meet my toon", an important opportunity for designers, animators and cartoonists to meet animation companies. It will be an opportunity to propose their work and / or future projects, to present their professionalism, enhance their creativity and make themselves known, in a unique setting, by professionals such as: MAD, GRAPHILM, MUPI STUDIO, RAIBOW CGI, LYNX.

Fusako Yusaki
Lillo e i vagabondi