Absolute beauty

Absolute beauty
Absolute beauty
una foto acqua e sapone
© Andrea Calandruccio
Absolute beauty
Absolute beauty

Born in 1992, Andrea Calandruccio is a self-taught photographer with an innate inclination towards the artistic talents and a strong passion for art in all its many aspects. Andrea is a 24-year-old photographer from Rome and moved to Milan to reach his greatest dream: photography.

How and when did your passion for photos?
I was 18, but I have always been passionate about art.

How did you get in a few years to turn this passion into your work?
Let's say that I did almost everything himself; I bought my first camera and started taking pictures without being inspired by anyone in particular. I can call myself a self-taught but then when I realized that this could have become a real job for me, I attended a course in Milan at the Academy of Photography John Kaverdash.

What kind of photographer are you? What is the subject of your photos?
I am a fashion photographer because I love this field. I have always lived in the fashion sector since I was a child as my father had a fashion showroom.

What is the style of your work?
I love clean, soft-toned photos with delicate colors: the beauty has to be natural. I try to portrait the absolute beauty, which is the protagonist of my photographs.
What was until now your greatest satisfaction?
It has been to reach in a short time my biggest dream. If I look at the journey made thus far I can consider myself lucky to have had the chance to get to this point without having waited for years of hard work, photographing people and models like Mariano Di Vaio, Stephen James, Melanie Ribbe and Georgia Salpa or collaborating in the campaign of the Gold Fever.

Which famous brand would you like to work with in the future?
As I am a lover of absolute beauty and its celebration I could not fail to mention Dior, the brand that perhaps most of all is close to my way of thinking photography.

Do you think you can do your job at the highest level in Italy?
It is a hard work and digital photography has not helped the situation: today photography is within everyone's reach, and this somehow led to its devaluation in economic terms. Our country, however, is a place rich in art, where those who love photography can improve: behind every corner, there are influences and inspirations. But if you want to get to a high professional level it is appropriate, in my opinion, go abroad or still travel, meet other realities: it is the best way to enrich and improve.

© Andrea Calandruccio
© Andrea Calandruccio