electronic components as bijoux 2.0

electronic components as bijoux 2.0
electronic components as bijoux 2.0
electronics meets art. This is how Insect-jewelry Midorj are born
electronic components as bijoux 2.0
electronic components as bijoux 2.0

Often dreams are placed in a drawer. But in this story an idea of ​​success comes out of the drawer. This is the story of Camilla Andreani, interior designer with a passion for resin and electronic materials: one day she finds these small objects in an old piece of furniture. She says: "I saw them abandoned there, and their  colorful forms reminded the world of insects. It then came to mind to try to assemble and from there it all started. " The result is surprising: her hands begin to create jewelry and unique accessories. It is her turning point.

Where do the materials you use come from and how do you give them a second life?
I use electronic components probalby coming from old computers or broken televisions; many of them come directly from motherboards. I transform them into small "bugs" to wear, welding them into the resin. Unique pieces as pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories born. A kind of insects 2.0.

Can we say this has now become your job?
It is my second job. I am an architect and a decorator and as a second job I create this kind of jewelry in my Rome-based laboratory. This activity started as a hobby and then turned into a company called Midorj.

Let's talk of the beginning: how did you manage to make yourself known?
Visibility on social channels was important. But the key is word of mouth. Now I focus on the web channels, they allow you to be known beyond our borders.

Do you think you can live with art in our country?
It is possible yet very tiring: I say this because I live of what I create. But fortunately in this historical moment made in Italy and crafts are having a good feedback, especially abroad. Combining commitment and a little 'luck' you can emerge. I am very stubborn, that is why I did not break down at the beginning, when I did not see feedback of my work. With time, if you are good, you get the consent of people. I attended two Maker Faire, and several stores in Italy and abroad sell my products, which are often exhibited in bookshops fo museums.

Any future projects?
I have so many! I would like to continue working on design, to grow my collection not only dwelling on jewelry, but expanding my research to other materials. I push my limits. That's the beauty of my job.

Who are your main customers?
Actually it is very different, from the girl to the 70 y o lady. Men especially appreciate key rings and cufflinks, they really like the use of electronic materials.

What is the greatest satisfaction you've had so far?
People have understood my products. Initially they were very surprised and intrigued. Then my idea was appreciated. It originates a wonderful feeling: enthusiasm.

Lo trovi qui: via del Porto Fluviale 67/a, Rome
Lo trovi qui: via del Porto Fluviale 67/a, Rome