An augmented reality tale at the Ara Pacis Museum
L'ARA COM'ERA | An augmented reality tale at the Ara Pacis Museum

History and technology meet for a visit immersive and multisensory Ara Pacis.
The ARA COM'ERA is the first systematic intervention in virtual augmented reality of the cultural heritage of Rome, specifically in one of the most important masterpieces of Roman art, built between 13 and 9 BC to celebrate peace established by Emperor Augustus on the territories of the empire.
It will be able to attend a media story by superimposing virtual elements to visual perception to understand the original appearance and function of the altar and observe the changes in the Campo Marzio north, the area of Rome chosen by Augustus to celebrate his own power.
The project, promoted by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth - Superintendent of Cultural Heritage and organized by Zètema Progetto Cultura, was developed by ETT SpA, a Digital International Creative Industry.
The ARA COM'ERA will be an innovative Augmented Reality experience unique. Using special AR viewers (Samsung GearVR) and the camera device inserted in them, virtual elements and real elements will merge directly into the field of view of the visitors. The special AR application will recognize the three-dimensional bas-reliefs and sculptures, making a real-time tracking. The virtual content will appear to the visitor as "anchored" to the real object, contributing to the sense of magic of the whole experience.
In this journey of discovery, visitors will be invited to perform a series of gestures and actions that will involve more perceptive channels. And so, observing from various angles and plastic models, visitors will see them populated by characters, intent on celebrating sacrifice, listening to sounds and voices as in a period split, while the casts featuring the imperial family will come to life and tell in first person.
The route is divided into 9 stages, starts in front of the model of the Northern Campus Martius, so it is possible to observe the details of the Ara Pacis.