Klimt Experience

Klimt Experience
Klimt Experience
Un percorso e multimediale immersivo
Klimt Experience
Klimt Experience | Un percorso e multimediale immersivo

Klimt Experience is an immersive path and multimedia dedicated to the life and works of the founding father of the Viennese Secession which, together with other artists, cultivated the myth of the total work of art, of the democratization of beauty and creativity. Works like Il Bacio, L'Albero della vita, or Giuditta, have become part of popular culture. Yet Klimt remains an artist to discover and above all to tell.

The aim of the experiential path is to thrill and fascinate an audience of young people and adults, inviting them to deepen the knowledge of the man and the artist, the understanding of his works, the stylistic reading through the spectacular staging of details and his pictorial technique .

Klimt Experience is a dreamlike journey, an invitation to let yourself be carried away by the continuous flow of emotions of the Immersive Room: it is here that thanks to the expressive power of narration through images and sounds, conceived and created by the director Stefano Fomasi, comes to life on the maxi projection screens of the exhibition - very high definition and 360 ° - the summa of the inimitable Klimtian art, evoked by the works selected by the art historian Sergio Risaliti.

The exhibition itinerary, with a total duration of about 85 minutes, includes and is enriched by the didactic contribution of the introductory area to the exhibition, the section where the life and artistic adventure of Gustav Klimt are contextualised; from the iconic suggestions and biographical pills transmitted by the over 20 monitors of the Visual Room; from the magical kaleidoscope of signs and figures that follow one another in the walls, on the floor and on the ceiling of the Sala degli Specchi; from the experience of 3D reality with Oculus VR developed exclusively for Klimt Experience by Orwell Milano; from the glamorous atmosphere that accompanies the whole visit, reiterated in the final part of the itinerary from the exhibition of the reproduced clothes interpreting the drawings and textures created by Gustav Klimt over a century ago.

Klimt Experience can definitely be considered a completely innovative format, which offers the visitor a journey that is a total immersion, without solution of continuity, in a symbolic, enigmatic and sensual world, where the triumph of a art without borders: a tribute to the great Viennese master in the year in which the hundred years after his death are celebrated.