percorsi attuali sulla scia di quattro omaggi storici
Keramikos | percorsi attuali sulla scia di quattro omaggi storici

The Keramikos event was founded in 2007 with the aim of enhancing ceramics as an expressive medium and to witness the vitality of an ancient sculptural tradition and its significant presence in the contemporary art scene through the participation of many Italian and foreign artists.

For Keramikos 2018 the exhibition project developed by the historian and art critic Fiorucci proposes a double path of investigation in the territory of contemporary sculpture. The Homage Section is dedicated to the ceramic production of four masters of the twentieth century: Giacinto Cerone, Giuseppe Pirozzi, Amilcare Rambelli and Franco Summa.

The Contemporary Section presents a selection of some of the most interesting expressions of contemporary ceramic thought, artists who have undertaken autonomous research paths, but whose languages ​​and operating methods establish a dialectic relationship with the artistic experiences of the protagonists of the historical section. These are Rosana Antonelli, Luca Baldelli, Tonina Cecchetti, Giorgio Centovalli, Eraldo Chiucchiù, Giorgio Crisafi, Carla Francucci, Evandro Gabrieli, Caterina Lai, Massimo Luccioli, Mirna Manni, Riccardo Monachesi, Sabine Pagliarulo, Angela Palmarelli, Marta Palmieri, Attilio Quintili , Mara Ruzza, Alfonso Talotta and Antonio Taschini.

The exhibition, proposed by Massimo Melloni (Artidec) and Mirna Manni (cultural association Magazzini della Lupa), avails itself of the patronage of the Regional Council of Lazio, the Province and the Municipality of Viterbo and the Carivit Foundation, which has given its precious support . Keramikos will be open from 6 October to 4 November 2018.

The organization of the exhibition is organized by the Cultural Association Magazzini della Lupa, Media-partner To Arch Magazine.