The tool to personalize your music
Jukedeck | The tool to personalize your music

Jukedeck has arrived: a new tool for those who want to enrich their video games, events, videos and presentations. Jukedeck is the simple, fast and personalized solution: the tool that lets you create audio tracks automatically, thanks to artificial intelligence. Over 500,000 songs have already been created.

The Jukedeck team fused the experience of creating music with artificial intelligence: the system learns how to create audio tracks, note by note, that’s why each song is different from the others. You can purchase the royalty-free music license you create, or get it for free just by providing the credits.

Jukedeck is characterized by: uniqueness, every created track is unique, there is no danger of finding music from other parts; customization with full control over the characteristics of their tracks, and finally with the royalty-free music created with Jukedeck belongs to the one who created it. To create your own music just choose its features: gender, type of music, duration, and dashboard.

Jukedeck has just introduced the climax feature that lets you set the point at which the track will have its peak peak. This feature is especially useful for synchronizing audio with the most intense moments of video. If you do not want to create the song, you can choose from royalty free music that Jukedeck has made available in his library and download it.

To download Jukedeck click here here.