In the heart of Rome, a school where qualified photographers have been trained for 30 years

The Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Comunicazione Integrata (Higher Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication - ISFCI) was founded in Rome in 1985 and has been training, for 30 years, qualified photographers and preparing students to enter the labour market.

The school is located in the historical area of San Lorenzo, in the lofts of Palazzo Cerere, a former pasta factory of the '30s, which was entirely renovated and is currently home to different arts ateliers.

The variety of the training courses available, the attention paid to the new frontiers of photography and communication, the experimental and innovative attitude and the international flair have been making ISFCI a reference training centre for qualified photographers for 20 years. Over the years, famous contemporary photographers have been trained here, among them: Paolo Pellegrin (Photographer for the Agency  Magnum and winner of several World Press Photo), Riccardo Venturi (Photojournalist, winner of several World Press Photo), Romina Remigio (Photojournalist, Silver Award Fiof 2014), Danilo Balducci (Photojournalist, Absolute Winner 2015 FIIPA), Stefano De Luigi (Photojournalist, winner of several World Press Photo).


Training courses target both beginners and those who already have the expertise but would like to be up to date or further improve their skills. The Three-year course in photography is the flagship among the many courses offered in the school and is specifically designed for students with a high school diploma who would like to get a professional and 360° training in the field of photography. Courses are managed by Maurizio Valdarnini and held by professional photographers who are constantly in contact with the labour market and always up to date. The peculiar feature of this Course is that training is provided in a quite traditional way : the educational plan analyzes photography, starting from its origin until the latest contemporary developments, by combining in a balanced manner theoretical lessons with practical activities. Evening courses are designed to meet the needs of those who simply wish to deepen their knowledge by attending professional-level courses. Courses can be combined or attended individually, according to the training need of each student.       
Specialisation schools target instead those who already have a very good knowledge of photographic techniques, in this case future students have to pass an entry exam (eligibility interview). Two areas of specialisation are available: Fashion photography and Photojournalism.


ISFCI organizes several cultural initiatives such as exhibitions, workshops, meetings with photographers known worldwide and constantly cooperates with public and privates stakeholders to support training and cultural exchange projects. Among its partners, the Institute cooperated with the Ministry for Equal Opportunities for the campaign fighting violence against women.

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