Insane Love, a short film

Insane Love, a short film
Insane Love, a short film
A short film on overwhelming feelings
Insane Love, a short film
Insane Love, a short film | A short film on overwhelming feelings

Insane love, a short film that tells the love story between Alessandro, a young beautiful model, played by Filippo Gattuso and Sofia, an Argentine girl over to Rome for a strange twist of fate. The movie shots have been completed these days in Rome.

"It's just the beginning of a cinematic journey that will go through different countries and embrace several love stories from a particular point of view and, in a sense, fable: the total, overwhelming, almost devastating love... Insane Love ".

Director Eitan Pitigliani is a Roman talent born in 1986 who has an artistic / International cultural background, having studied Film Direction in New York and London.
Eitan has directed several important committed films, with a sensitivity that earned equity and prestigious awards.
In questa vita  (2010), tells the relationship between father and son after the earthquake in L'Aquila. The movie has been selected in many festivals as well as in the Vetrina dei corti dei Nastri d’Argento di Cortina 201, You will find me, winner of the Golden Spike Award at the Giffoni Film Festival and Like a butterfly with Ed Asner among the performers, who won five Golden Globe.

In Insane Love, the role of the female protagonist was entrusted to Clara Alonso, beloved Argentine actress who is now launching in the Italian film scene.
The film also sees among the protagonists Miriam Dalmazio and counts on the special participation of Davide Dato, first dancer of the Vienna Opera and he also young homegrown talent.
With choreography by Anna Cuocolo, photography by Vladan Radovic and music by Paolo Vivaldi, Insane Love is produced by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo for Paradise Pictures, in collaboration with Enrico Mastracchi Manes, Daniela Zanchini, Molinari Art Center and Grey Ladder.
A production that is 'part of that circuit a bit' of Italian creativity niche that has come to prevail, because it makes us proud.