In balance on the tips

In balance on the tips
In balance on the tips
This year the Festival focuses on Germany
In balance on the tips
In balance on the tips | This year the Festival focuses on Germany

Festival dell'Equilibrio 2017, one of the most anticipated events of international dance in the capital this year, under the artistic direction of Roger Salas, presents a completely new formula both from the thematic and aesthetic profile.
Every year Festival dell'Equilibrio brings to the Auditorium Parco della Musica the best companies and the most representative international dance choreographers focusing the attention on a country and expanding the cultural offer with related events as exhibitions, films and video art, dating and conferences.

The choice has been to begin with Germany, which has objectively played a fundamental role in the panorama of modern dance of the twentieth century, both at European and global level.
By Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman, Gret Palucca, the festival pays tribute to artists like Kurt Jooss, Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann and Hans Z├╝llig.

Festival dell'Equilibrio program opened with the Frankfurt-Dresden Dance Company directed by Jacopo Godani and two works The Primate Trilogy and Mixed Program, based on a brilliant choreographic language and physical bravery of the dancers.

Below Leonetta Bentivoglio with Claudio Schellino and even the ambitious project Inheritance Wuppertal, where many artists have paid tribute to Pina Bausch.
El Circulo Eternal is the first part of the homage that DanceLab Berlin has made Harald Kreutzberg, one of the dancers / choreographers of the most famous German expressionist dance of the twenties and thirties, who is also in an exhibition of photos and video.

February 20, Susanne Linke and Reinhild Hoffmann  will be on stage, two heroic figures of contemporary dance through which the everyday and the anti-clericalism have definitely penetrated the formal and creative research of dance theater.
The festival will be closed the 24 by Susanne Linke / Renegade with the commissioning of Ruhr-Ort scene, the legendary play by dance-drama of 1991 where Susanne Linke focused on the work in the steel mills and mines where the physical attrition became dance.

Raphaelle Delaunay and Asha Thomas in Ginger Jive
Godani Mixed Program
Frankfurt-Dresden Dance Company