Impact Hub Roma and social innovation

Impact Hub Roma and social innovation
Impact Hub Roma and social innovation
A place for projects that change the world
Impact Hub Roma and social innovation
Impact Hub Roma
A productive, inspiring and shared place for social innovation. In the heart of the historic district of San Lorenzo, The Hub Roma is a creatively designed, functional and environmentally friendly co-working space. It is a business accelerator, an incubator for startups, an exclusive club and a think-tank.
The aim of Impact Hub is the development of collaborations and information exchange between people. Members have access to sharing and collaboration services network provided by the network. The exchange of practices and the establishment of groups is actively facilitated by hosts, experts connecting people, organizing training courses and identifying opportunities to trigger cooperation.
Impact Hub combines experiences, people and ideas from local to global. It is the place of those who have a project to develop, people to meet, to organize events, or an initiative to take off. It is the place for those who need flexibility for expanding, reshaping, or changing gear. For those who need a comfortable, professional and dynamic space.
Here modular spaces are dedicated to relax, reserved meetings, artistic performances and theater. Here you can also work wood and ceramics or test audio-video permorfances.
The Hub Roma is also a virtual platform for sharing ideas, aspirations and needs and part of the Global Impact Hub network. It is open in over 80 cities worldwide, including 9 in Italy, with more than 11,000 members: Impact Hub Network is today the largest network for Social Innovation, and the only one in Italy.
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