Photo by Antonio Barrella

It takes an entire village to raise a child. These are the words of an African proverb and they are the words that inspired the project started by Ilaria Cianfarani: a space entirely dedicated to children from 4 to 36 months inside the coworking area L’Alveare (The Beehive).

Ilaria Cianfarani has always worked with children. She began as a paediatric nurse in the delivery room and then gained a degree in Developmental Psychology.

She dedicates herself to parental support with interest and passion, holding baby massage courses, providing home assistance for puerperium, breast-feeding and caring for newborn babies during the first days after coming home from hospital.

Her initiatives attracted the attention of the volunteers’ association Città delle Mamme (City of Mums), that offered her a collaboration. It was Città delle Mamme who involved her in the realisation of L'Alveare, an innovative example of urban welfare that join together coworking and an educational project. Ilaria deals with all the aspects of her “baby space”: from the educational programme to furnishing and modules, taking care of the details of every element.

But she is not alone. This unique reality is the result of an excellent teamwork. It is with her partners Serena Baldari, Daniela Sacco and Francesca Ventura, that Ilaria won, in 2013, the call Innova InCoop by the Coop Start Up.

There is also another teacher involved in managing the activities, Federica Ricci, “a loyal companion of adventures”, as she herself calls her.

The “baby space” at L’Alveare was devised to facilitate the times of parents’ life and work and support women who are coming back to work, but also to meet the specific needs of each child.

There are art and painting laboratories, handling of flour or sand, animated reading guaranteed by the municipal library and music lessons using the Gordon method. Children can learn, enjoy themselves and socialise in a safe context, together with their parents or on their own, according to a precise organisation.

The story has been written by Ida Amlesù, writer.