Trullo and its murals

Trullo and its murals
Trullo and its murals
A walk in the neighbourhood of “metro-romantics” and "anonymous painters"
Trullo and its murals
Trullo and its murals

«Trullo, l’unico modo di scriverti è viverti sul baratro della strada. Sei l’abbraccio di una madre al figlio in cui perdersi per ritrovarsi come viandanti»
(«Trullo, the only way to write about you is living you on the brink of the road. You're the embrace of a mother to her son to get lost then to meet again as wayfarers»)

Murals, street poetry, colors and brush strokes follow each other in the streets of Trullo, south west suburb of Rome, wedged between Magliana and Portuense.

Here important street artists, over the years, have made impressive works of art, rich in expression and narrative force. The work of these street artists mingled with the stories and lives of the "Pittori Anonimi del Trullo", a group of residents who, armed with paint, decided to give color to that corner of the city and Poeti der Trullo, and then the "metro-romantics "than on walls and benches disseminate sarcastic and nostalgic stanzas, full of love and anger.
Our creative path will travel the streets of the neighborhood and will look it under a new point of view, taking in the revolution that brought artists such as Diamond, Solo, Bol23 to make wonderful murals with the occasion of the International Festival of street poetry.

We start this journey from Via del Trullo, with the amazing murals “Ovunque Sono” ("Wherever I am") by Gomez, a Venezuelan artist. The Gomez brushstrokes accompany the verses written by Poeta del Nulla (Poet of Nowhere), with the opening words “Pioveva rabbia e lei danzava, nera sul cemento. Correva il film del mio lasciare, oltre il campo a veder la luce e lei mi tirava fisso al mondo. Sono uscito all'alba da tende e case, piene e vuote, sempre il suo bacio caro, sulla mia fronte.” "anger was raining and dancing, black on the concrete. The movie of my leaving started, beyond the field to see the light and she pulled me hard in the world. I went out at dawn from tents and homes, full and empty, always her dear kiss on my forehead. "

Gojo and Alessandra Carloni
Trullo houses three works of street artist Gojo, the first is "town hall Rivers" and is located in Via dei Sampieri, the other two are, however, visible on Riva Pian Due Torri, along the bike path.
Even Alessandra Carloni colored the streets of the neighborhood, giving her murals on the walls of the Scuola Pascoli, a school in Via Papareschi 28.

Piger and Ivan, Marco Tarascio and Moby Dick
On the walls of the Trullo market are hosted several works. The entrance of the market, in red and blue, was painted by Ivan and Piger, while within the market we find the works of Marco Tarascio and Moby Dick.

Diamond and Poesie Pop Corn
On the walls of the neighbourhood there’s also ant artwork by Diamond (exactly in front of a school placed in Via Ventimiglia). The image is accompanied by verses of Poesie PoPCorn Poems “Ci ancoriamo per navigare altrove" ("We drop anchor to sail elsewhere"). Poesie PoPCorn was awarded by Lazio Creativo and is present on Volume “100 storie di creatività nel Lazio”.

In this neighborhood Solo has grown up and here we find especially two murals, colorful and bright, just as his comic strip style. The first one is "Nina" in Via di Massa Marittima, dedicated to the girl protagonist of a Roman popular song of 1901 which is accompanied by the verses of Poeti der Trullo. And then there's the murals dedicated to Laura, a friend of the neighborhood, star among the stars.

Work by Gomez
Work by Gojo
Work by Alessandra Carloni
Work by Piger Ivan
Work by Diamond
Work by Solo