Giovanni De Angelis

Giovanni De Angelis
Giovanni De Angelis
Il ritratto vincente ancora lo devo realizzare
Giovanni De Angelis
Giovanni De Angelis

"A good photograph is the one that even after you saw it, looked at it and printed it - and is already a work – you can still remember that scene when closing your eyes." This is the aim of the work of Giovanni De Angelis, the forty years old photographer among the most popular both in Rome and at national level. His first encounter with the camera takes place very soon: he was only 9 years old and received it as a gift for his first communion. Since that day, Giovanni never stopped.


His images do not follow any fad nor trend. His black and white photographs are real and not technological artefacts.

The most creative moment

The most creative moment is in the morning in the shower. In that moment, Giovanni reworks any ideas, giving them a precise form before turning them into a real project.

The most important project

Giovanni’s most important project is "Water drops", a project on sociological background, a series of portraits of twins living in the Brazilian town of Candido Godoi. Another important work was the one I made for the Lazio Region, edited by Claudio Libero Pisano: a sequence of photos in some small municipalities of the province of Rieti along the Via Francigena, starring ... a donkey.

The dream…

Giovanni’s dream is to keep doing what he is already doing for the rest of his life. Always in search of the winning portrait, the one he still have to shoot. Maybe.