Lazio in the cinema

Lazio in the cinema
Lazio in the cinema
Discoverying of movie sets
Lazio in the cinema
Lazio in the cinema

When thinking about cinema in Lazio, the Cinecittà studios immediately come to mind that have hosted numerous national and international film productions over the years. In fact, Lazio boasts a large number of sites that have been chosen as location by Italian and non-Italian filmmakers to set up their films. Here we will present some, on a path that will follow all 5 provinces of Lazio.

Viterbo and the province
We start from Viterbo and its surroundings. Tuscia and the province of Viterbo, after the city of Rome, were the most frequent choices of directors to set up cinematic sets in Lazio. Tarquinia hosted some scenes from the film "Il Marchese del Grillo" with Alberto Sordi, shot by Mario Monicelli, who always chose the Tuscia to set "Brancaleone alla crociate" with Vittorio Gassman.
Pier Paolo Pasolini, who particularly loved the Tuscia, shot some scenes of "Uccellacci e Uccellini" in Soriano del Cimino and always chose Tuscia to turn "The Gospel according to Matthew", "The Decameron" and "Medea". Capranica was, however, the set of some scenes of "We only have to weep" with Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni. Even the director of the thrill, Dario Argento, chose Viterbo for some scenes in his film "The Stendhal Syndrome".

Rieti and its mountains
If we move to the Reatino area, the indisputable star is the Terminillo with its breathtaking scenery. Here, more precisely in Campoforogna, De Sica directed "Universal judgment". Renato Pozzetto and Enrico Montesano, on the other hand, recite together between the forests and the mountainous routes of the place in Maurizio Ponzi's film, "No Hard Men", while Mario Monicelli turns in the Passo Corese area "The Great War" with Sordi and Gassman.

Rome and its neighborhoods
Among the latest film productions, it is necessary to quote Sorrento's "The Great Beauty" that has been able to tell the whole magnificence of the Eternal City, showing its palaces, terraces, gardens, the "Fontanone" of the Gianicolo, the little temple Bramante, Palazzo Sacchetti and Palazzo Pamphilj, the Aqueduct Park, and much more. For the most nostalgic, one can not but mention the famous "Marcello come qui" phrase given by Anita Ekberg to Marcello Mastroianni in the Trevi Fountain for the "Dolce vita" by Federico Fellini, as are unforgettable scenes, turned to Trinità dei Monti , With Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn embraced on the wasp in "Roman Vacations".
Moving from the center, many peripheral neighborhoods made films of every kind: in Pietralata, where he lived, Pasolini turned "Accattone"; In the streets of the ghetto Alberto Sordi walked in Steno's "An American in Rome" and Magni set "In the Year of the Lord"; At Garbatella, Nanni Moretti turned "Dear Diary"; At the Pigneto, Rossellini set "Rome City Open" with the famous scene of Anna Magnani's killing that ran out of a gateway to Via Montecuccoli.

Frosinone and Ciociaria
Ciociaria was the choice of numerous directors to set the filming of their films. On the ground of Ciociara was born the great actor Nino Manfredi who, between Fontana Liri and Castro dei Volsci, played and directed the film "For grace received", while Anagni was set "Good if you can" by Luigi Magni who chose the town also for Some scenes of his "In the name of the pope king". Mario Monicelli also set in Ciociaria, for precision at Jenne, some scenes from "The Armata Brancaleone", for another entirely shot in Tuscia. The gorges of the River Melfa, on the other hand, have been the background of the "Trinity" series, with the unforgettable Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

Latina and its coast
"Star Powder" was shot at Latina by Alberto Sordi, who played it with Monica Vitti. In Sabaudia were shot "School Companions" and "My Best Enemy" by Verdone, "Do not Move" by Sergio Castellitto, "Caimano" by Nanni Moretti and Paolo Sorrentino's "Family Friend".
Ventotene is set to "Ferie d'agosto" by Virzì and "The Mass is over" by Nanni Moretti. Michele Placido instead chose the Circeo beach for "Criminal Novel", while Ferzan Ozpetek shot some "Saturn vs." scenes at Gaeta.

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