I love Torpignattara

I love Torpignattara
I love Torpignattara
Walking in the street art that speaks of integration and retraining
Work by Diavù, Lucamaleonte e Nic Alessandrini
I love Torpignattara
I love Torpignattara

Torpignattara, an open-air museum with the works by national and international artists, painted on the facades of private houses and public buildings. A riot made of colors, values, stories that wind through the streets of one of the most popular and populous neighborhoods of the capital, where for years urban renewal means willingness to take back the district, live it and improve it. It is no coincidence that here the Wunderkammer association, founded with the aim of promoting contemporary art, wanted to put the roots of the project Light Up Torpigna! which it led, in January 2015, international urban artists to paint their works on the walls of the neighborhood.

Heraklut, Sten Lex, Diavù, Ludo, Atlas, Jef Aerosol
Our route starts from Via Capua, at number 11, where there is the first work in Rome by German duo Herakut, the fusion of Jasmin Siddiqui (Hera) and Falk Lehmann (Akut). "Street saint" is the name of the work that encompasses the importance of emotional ties. On the wall the face of a girl, dressed in green, cuddling his loved ones and beside a text in Italian and English: "In times of need we rely on people like family. It would be nice if we could remember these ties even in moments of strength. "
Going ahead on via Policastro let's reach via dell'Acqua Bullicante where there is a trio's work of artists Diavù, Lucamaleonte and Nic Alessandrini named "Melting Faces § § District Stories". The mural is a hymn to the neighborhood that has been able over the years to embrace the philosophy of integration and multiculturalism.
We continue to Via Galeazzo Alessi where we meet the work of Nicola Velato, an imposing canvas that retraces vertically all of Pasolini's life, and the work of Atlas, the French street artist.
Let's continue on via Filarete to reach via Ciro from Urbino and at number 33 we find the work of Ludo and to follow the murals Sten and Lex and C215. In between, being Gabrio Serbelloni 60, one of four works that Jef Aerosol, pioneer of street art, donated to the neighborhood. We continue via Galeazzo Alessi and close our tour in via Francesco Baracca 11, with another work, "Blue Landscape", Sten Lex.

Torpignattara's 90 years 
Torpignattara celebrates its 90 years this year and its streets are alive with so many initiatives and events. A full calendar of events, from the laying of the stumbling blocks in memory of the neighborhood partisans killed at the Fosse Ardeatine, the historical walks between archeology and anthropology, through the comic on the partisan Giordano Sangalli life. Another chance to rediscover this neighborhood that, through art, wants to be reborn.

Work by Herakut
Work by Diavù, Lucamaleonte and Nic Alessandrini
Work by C215
Work by Jef Aerosol
Work by Sten and Lex