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Young Italian Authors
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I Love GAI | Young Italian Authors

The I Love GAI competition - Young Italian Authors, is the result of a SIAE initiative in collaboration with Lightbox. The competition is dedicated to young Italian authors and directors under the age of forty, and is open to works of any format and genre with a maximum duration of 20 '.
The first objective of the competition is to promote and give visibility to young talents, encouraging contact with producers and the public. The competition includes a jury made up of three members who will be chosen from well-known personalities of international cinema: directors, actors, producers, screenwriters, musicians. The fourth edition of the competition and the screening of the selected works will be held at the Lido of Venice, during the 76th Venice Film Festival 2019.

The competition is dedicated to authors under 40, born at most in 1979 (in the specific case of the 2019 competition). Italian productions after January 1, 2018, in all formats and all genres, with a duration of less than 20 minutes, including opening and closing credits, can participate in the Competition. Participation in the competition can be refused for films, even after being selected, technically unable to guarantee a good public screening. Films may be shown online on the Competition site, on partner sites or on media partnership sites, during the Competition period or within the timeframe established and communicated by the Competition, unless a specific prohibition to disclose before the selection announcement date Official.
The deadline for registration is 31 May 2019

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more information will be announced soon.

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