HOMI 2018

HOMI 2018
HOMI 2018
trends to discover, styles to live
HOMI 2018
HOMI 2018 | trends to discover, styles to live

Fiera Milano's Lifestyles Exhibition is increasingly a new observatory on new trends and is a research and experimentation laboratory. A wearable home, accessories for living. HOMI, Salone of the Lifestyles of Fiera Milano returns from 26 to 29 January 2018 with many interesting proposals that anticipate and narrate styles and trends in the worlds of the home and the jewel-accessory fashion.

An edition full of novelties, thanks to the creations and products of the exhibited companies, represented by international companies, but much more often by small companies with great creative potentials, able to create unique and exclusive pieces.

Italian or foreign, these fascinating realities find in the Salone dei Stili di Vita a reference event to present their products, thanks also to the many thematic areas of the event, designed to enhance the manifold typicalities of Italian and international design.

In fact, the exhibition layout confirms the presence of numerous special areas and events that present quality craftsmanship, the creations of emerging designers, the evolution of objects and decoration of excellence and much more.

In particular, then in January the event puts a specific focus on the spaces dedicated to the world of table and kitchen, with the most interesting proposals for the next season, while in the satellite fashion & jewels numerous training sessions will be protagonists along with the products and the most fascinating creations of the sector.

But with the awareness that uses and habits of consumption are increasingly changing, multifaceted and multifaceted, whether we are talking about objects for the home and accessories for the person, HOMI is committed to giving space to all these developments.

So, to photograph the new trends and anticipate the evolution of individual fashions and tastes, the event continues in the organization of workshops and talks, confirming itself as a laboratory open to the new stimuli of fashions and changing cultures.