Hobby Show Roma

Hobby Show Roma
Hobby Show Roma
The great hall of the Italian creativity
Hobby Show Roma
Hobby Show Roma | The great hall of the Italian creativity

Hobby Show is the largest Italian showcase for all professionals and operators that carry out their activities in the creativity handbook field.
A trade fair format that has as its "main course" their ability to define all aspects of women's creativity handbook, to buy updated on the latest trends presented by leading companies in the creative hobby sector, to meet and participate in the full program of events aimed at encourage creativity in all its forms: decoupage, stamping, jewelry, macramé, lace, crochet, creative sewing, airbrushing, country painting, shabby, stencil, bobbin, miniatures are just some of the various techniques and decorative arts that are from time to once presented at the fair by competent and experienced people, ready to satisfy the desire to create all passionate.

Milan, Pescara, Pordenone, Hobby Show Hobby Umbria and Hobby Show Roma, this year, after two years of absence, at the Salone delle Fontane from 10 to 12 February, a total of 11 annual editions for more than 100,000 visitors expected. The event is an important meeting point between the world of the professionals working in the creative sector and that of the fans. Protagonists of the event are therefore the leading companies in the sector, retailers, stores, specialized media, teachers and experts of various decorative techniques, and, of course, the growing world of creative.

The courses are the cornerstone of the success of Hobby Show and this 14th edition in Rome is no exception with some 200 workshops organized by the exhibitors and by the various associations present at the fair, covering both traditional disciplines and innovative.
The main Roman edition highlights will be cake design and sugar art, the patchwork debut, the "work with patched" so appreciated by the American pioneers, now considered a true form of textile art, scrapbooking, the art of making "album" and still the cardmaking clippings, for the realization of tickets and special cards as much personalized as possible, and courses made by ceramic World.