Heavy-Metal on the walls

Heavy-Metal on the walls
Heavy-Metal on the walls
Con il metallo Alessandro Di Cola esprime la sua brillante manualità e il suo complesso mondo interiore
Heavy-Metal on the walls
Heavy-Metal on the walls

Alessandro Di Cola loves aluminum, it is light and heats and we should learn to appreciate its great simplicity, he says. He creates not only sculpture-paintings by working the metal with the flame, but also likes to bend metal sheets as if they were the skin, creating unique and unrepeatable iconic bags (one example, the Shooting Bag 1981).

When, how and why you started to dedicate yourself to sculpture?
It all started for the irrepressible need to represent my ideas and metabolize what I have around. The material I prefer is aluminum, a very familiar material. I work it as a kid's play because my father has a company of metals and  I worked for him at the factory for five years, after the Academy of Fine Arts.

Who believed in you?
My artistic journey has been supported by some dealers, but what's really important is that I always believed in myself.

What has been your greatest satisfaction and emotion?
The greatest satisfaction is not the awards, but by being able to work and express what you have inside. In my case it's an emotion constant, which is repeated every moment, an epiphany is always new, always different and always the magic that turns in my works.

Do you have a dream?
I would like to make an aluminum road, closed to traffic and only for pedestrians because I would give form and life to a direct contact between bodies and metal. I have in mind an ideal place represented by the collage of many cities I visited that I carry inside. However, if one day I will find this place, I am sure that will fulfill my project.

What it means to make art?
The artist is a kind of instrument, a resonance box that transforms the vibrations into a sense, then into a form and an object. And all this process happens as a real challenge because it forces you to listen and understand yourself.

What do you hope to convey with your works?
I try to represent the human simplicity. I believe that it lacks in our society.

What inspires you to achieve this simplicity?
Love. Not passion, not torments, but love as a feeling of well-being that makes you open your mind and see the world with new eyes.