The Media Art Festival 2017, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in collaboration with Lazio Innova, organizes and promotes Hackreativity. It is a real marathon with 140 boys and girls under 35 who will develop entrepreneurial ideas on media art and light art and technology tools (apps, websites, games ...) to serve as diverse publics. The young participants will be inspired by Lazio's creative story stories, the narrative and photographic reportage on creativity in Lazio that will showcase every year 100 projects and talents under 35 of the most innovative and interesting in the area. The selected projects are Adastra - Musical Accelerator (music); Albula (art and photography); ArtShirt (fashion); By the sea (startup); City Garden Night (cinema); Differentiating (publishing); Drawings for children (publishing); Public Domain - The City Under Under 25 (Theater); Escape Oddity Roma (new technologies); Folies de Seeinteracting (theater); Off Place (Advertising); Indiefilmchannel (cinema); The fabulous stories of magic (fashion); Mr Vertigo Vinyl Records (music); NOEO (new technologies); Poems Pop Corn (art and photography); Portuense 201 (architecture and design); Perspectives (advertising); Uppity (startup); Urbanita (architecture and design).

Each team will take the lead in one of the 20 stories, randomly chosen, and in 7 hours it will have to develop an app, site or game with one of the available tools.

Hackathon will be held on April 28, 2017 from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm at the Gym of Innovation in Rome (via del Quadraro 102), the space managed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and devoted to innovation, young entrepreneurship, creativity .
In judging the work carried out there will be a jury composed of experts in the field including: Gian Paolo Manzella, Advisor Region Lazio; Carmine Marinucci, Secretary General of DiCultHer and Board Director of ENEA Directors; Alfonso Molina, Scientific Director of Digital World Foundation; Fabio Mongelli, director of RUFA-Rome University of Fine Arts; Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo, Head of Regional Digital Agenda and Internet Governance - Presidency of the Lazio Region; Agostino Riitano, Program and Development Director Foundation Exclusiva; Emanuele Tarducci, Architect-Interaction designer; Vania Virgili, IT Horizon 2020 MiBACT Advisor and Manager.

There are 7 upper secondary schools in Lazio: 4 Roman technical institutes (Hertz, Lombardo Radice, Pacinottti and Garibaldi), 2 institutes in the province (Pertini di Genzano and Volterra di Ciampino) and Pacinotti di Fondi (Latina).

Among the artists involved are Silvia de Gennaro, Oriana Persico, Salvatore Iaconesi, Paolo Gatti, Francesco Bianco, Matteo Nasini, Maria Grazia Pontorno, Elena Bellantoni, Donato Piccolo, Simone Pappalardo, Kristina Paustian, RaumZeitPiraten, Yannis Kranidiotis, Joseph Delappe, Josè Angelino, Chiara Passa.

Hackthon winners will be rewarded at MAXXI on April 29 with Amazon vouchers for the top three, for a total value of € 1,500. Before hackathon, there will be several meetings in schools between students and artists that will allow the boys to prepare themselves for the challenge. The talent of the Lazio Region will arrive all over Italy and also in Milan where, on May 10, the work of the winning teams of Hackathon will be presented at Cariplo Factory.