Gud: one, ten, a thousand ways to tell comics

Gud: one, ten, a thousand ways to tell comics
Gud: one, ten, a thousand ways to tell comics
Daniele Bonomo: journalist, writer and teacher. His job? Cartoonist
Gud: one, ten, a thousand ways to tell comics
Gud: one, ten, a thousand ways to tell comics
Journalist, writer, teacher, but above all cartoonist. In the story we're telling, all these professions have only one name: Daniele Bonomo, known as Gud. Many pieces of a single career, that make up the job of this original cartoonist, who is one of the best of nowadays.
When and how did you become passionate about comics?
I always liked to tell stories through comics, I started as a child. It is the form of communication through which I could better express myself. This is why I joined the International School of Comics. After the graduation, I started an alternative route, working as a journalist and writer in different fields, but parallel to the world of comics and drawing.
And now?
Now I'm a cartoonist. It changed the hierarchy: I make a living out of being a cartoonist and I do other things because I like them, like teaching and writing. But comic is the focus of my life. These days, for example, I am organizing an event named ARF - Stories, Signs & Designs Festival, held in late May at Macro Museum in Testaccio, Rome.

So, can you make a living out of comics in Italy?
Yes, you have to be good a designer, colorist and screenwriter. It takes a lot of effort, but there are so many types of skills required in this area and I think is one of the most productive areas of art in Italy and abroad. We are one of the countries that produce more comics in the world.
What do you like to draw?
I started out as a cartoonist, but lately I like to draw children's stories: stories that are funny but always teaching something important at the same time, communicate values without being too didactic or boring.
What was the greatest accomplishment in your work?
I have no doubt! It's a book made in 2012 together with Dacia Maraini, "The Night of Broken Toys". A book written by her and drawn by me. For children.
Children are an audience that you already know very well. Do you think the little ones are able to interpret comics better than adults?
There are various levels of comics, from kids' comics to specific ones to an adult audience. In the latest years the offer for kids has been exhausted. That's why I started to draw for the little ones. In Italy, apart from the magazine "Topolino" there are not comics for kids, just illustrated books. Yet even children willingly read comics, getting passionate with them as much as adults.
Is there anything in particular that you like drawing?

I have a character I am particularly fond with called Gatto, a black and white cat that quickly and syntheticly interacts with the world around him. And then there's Timothy Top, the protagonist of a series of books: he is a child with a super power, a green thumb that allows him to save, in the first episode, a city park and with this also his parents' relationship.
Any future project?
I am preparing the second and third book of the "Timothy Top" series.
Your website shows a real passion for travel, of course immortalized by your pencil.
Yes, since I started traveling I take note of them through my drawings. Then I developed this idea on my website: since 2012, every trip is accompanied by a "report drawn on a diary" I post in PDF format. A different way to tell things that I discover.
What is the journey that has impressed you most from the artistic point of view?
Maybe the one in Britain with the #5blogger group, to discover those places that inspired the Impressionists. We were contacted from the French Tourism Institution to attend a comics-related event: we had to tell in many ways the places we visited. From there many other trips for this project followed.
Do you prefer to draw on the computer or with pen and paper?
After having worked with computer for many years, now I try to use ink and paper as much as I can.
Anyway the web is now a fundamental tool for several reasons: for example, I always tell my students to use this tool to find out what the audience likes.
Lo trovi qui: Scheleton Monster: via Tuscolana 216 B, Rome
Lo trovi qui: Scheleton Monster: via Tuscolana 216 B, Rome