Green Factor Design

Green Factor Design
Green Factor Design
Competition for young designers and architects
Green Factor Design
Green Factor Design | Competition for young designers and architects

Infiniti launches Green Factor, the fifth Design Contest for Young Designers, Creative professionals, Designers and Students, both Italians and Foreigners under 35.

The contest is aimed at identifying innovative projects that have the object of chair + coffee table.

Sustainability is an increasingly urgent need not only in the industrial production, but also in everyday life. The challenge is arduous: the design of a product package made entirely of wood, ecologically sustainable and 100% recyclable: chair + stool or armchair + table. Projects should minimize or possibly eliminate the use of items such as hardware, accessories, screws, but will have to minimize the waste of material and space. The focus of the Contest is, in fact, to create objects that are not only reusable, but also volume-optimizable when disassembled, to ensure minimal expansions in shipments.

Projects will be evaluated on the basis of their relevance to the subject of the competition and their degree of realization. The contest involves the identification of only one winner, who will win a prize of 5.000,00 euros. Infiniti also reserves the right to realize the prototype of the winning project of the competition and, if necessary, to put it into production: the economic relationship with the designer will be governed by a specific contract.

Each participant can submit several projects. The contest also includes eventual group participation, for which a spokesman must be identified. Participation in the competition involves the acceptance of all the entries in the notice and the free assignment of the right of reproduction and publication of the projects presented for the competition. You can click here for more information on the terms and conditions of participation.

The deadline is 31 July 2017 and the award will take place in September 2017.