Photo by Antonio Barrella

It is dark. When the lights go on, you realise that you are locked in a public toilet. You look around but your companions only know as much as you do. The door is locked. You have 60 minutes to find a way to get out of there. Are you ready to play?

The horror theme one is just of the 3 rooms available for those wanting to test themselves and their lateral thinking with the guys of Escape Oddity, a social promotion association that brings the experience of escape games to the highest levels.

The person telling me about the project is, Giulio Mazzone, he is just 27 years old and has already worked all around the world. Together we look back on the history of the attraction that has characterised this type of game over the years, which are carried out live but have nothing to do with traditional role-play games. We talk about the old, Saw, Cube, puzzle games, about the Japanese pioneers who invented the first room to escape from as a pure play experience (and about Kyoto Scrap, the world festival of escape rooms).

«But not only», says Giulio, «what is created between the people who are forced to cooperate is a very strong tie, and it also occurs between strangers. It is something that is used a lot in companies, for team building, to help team work».

The rooms created by the Escape Oddity’s guy are not like the others: their experience in the field of new technologies (Giulio for example works in hologram research) is used for those who have to deal with games and strategies that are far removed from common experiences.

They began with the horror theme, but then soon realised that the key element was diversifying the offer: so they created the Leonardo room, with original riddles by the Florentine genius and then the time machine room. To take the game experience just that little bit further.

And when you get out you have to ask yourself… what just happened to me?

The story has been written by Matteo Trevisani, writer.