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Giovani Creativi
Giovani Creativi
Talents under 30
Giovani Creativi
Giovani Creativi | Talents under 30

From October 16th to November 11th 2018 the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome will host the exhibition of the Giovani Creativi project. The new artists in museums, born from an idea by Nicola Brucoli and Ginevra Corso, founders of TWM Factory, with the patronage of the Lazio Region and the collaboration of Gebart S.p.A.

The initiative enhances the skills and abilities of young artists, professionals and entrepreneurs of the latest generation, through the exhibition of portraits of 13 under 30 Italian talents, who have distinguished themselves by communicative sensitivity in their artistic and professional categories: Stefano Belingardi Clusoni (architecture), Emiliano Melchiorre (art), Tiziano and Mirko Palucci (kitchen), Simone Nolasco and Virginia Tomarchio (dance), Sara Ricciardi (design), Maria Vittoria Paolillo (fashion), Sara Lorusso (photography), Federico Schiano Di Pepe (entrepreneurship), Giacomo Mazzariol (literature), Merk & Kremont (music), Gnomone (landscape), Angela Curri and Giuseppe Spata (cinema), Robocoop (street art).

The photographs of the 13 creatives were taken by Riccardo Ferranti in the most important museums of Rome (National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Palazzo Barberini, Galleria Corsini, National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo, Galleria Spada) , next to masterpieces that they preserve, to symbolize the entrance of the Millennials generation in the heart of Italian history and culture.

The exhibition will be completed by biographies and interviews with the artists who will shed light on their professional path. The creation of the celebratory shots of Giovani Creativi was conducted by Riccardo Ferranti, the project of identity and visual communication was curated by Carlo Settimio Battisti, the narrative photos are by Simone Galli.

The initiative is fully part of the work philosophy of TWM Factory, a group of creative and under 30 professionals who is in charge of discovering, showing and enhancing the young excellences, with the aim of enhancing and spreading Italian innovation and quality in the world. .

To promote the activities of the Factory is The Walkman Magazine, online magazine, active since 2013, which is proposed as a showcase of Made in Italy talent, whose investigation has always been focused on emerging designers and the narration of the new generation.

Giovani Creativi will propose a moment of study, hosted in the Sala delle Colonne della Galleria, where the protagonists of the project will recount their experiences and their visions and the catalog will be presented, produced by Gebart S.p.A.

Giovani Creativi won the contest "100 stories of creativity" organized by Lazio Creative in the category of visual communication and advertising, bringing the team of TWM Factory among the 100 under 35 artists of 2018 in the Lazio Region.

At the academic level, the entire initiative was designed and implemented by former students of Sapienza University of Rome and Rufa - Rome University of Fine Arts.

Foto di Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi