Garibaldi Street Festival

Garibaldi Street Festival
Garibaldi Street Festival
events under the castle
Garibaldi Street Festival
Garibaldi Street Festival | events under the castle

Three days dedicated to culture, solidarity, nature and beauty, those scheduled for July 21st and 28th and August 4th under the walls of the medieval castle of Montalto di Castro.

The Municipality has organized with the collaboration of the merchants "Garibaldi Street Festival - people and stories": a completely new event that highlights the history of the area with a series of cultural initiatives starting at 17:30 on Saturday 21 July.
At that time the city administration will inaugurate the event and the "Via degli Umbrelli", set up in Viale Garibaldi where the Solidarity and Culture Foundation organized a joint sale for the purchase of a defibrillator for the Misericordia of Montalto di Castro.
With the purchase of an umbrella (9 euros), this important social initiative for the community is supported at the stores that display the manifesto. At 6:00 pm, instead, there will be the presentation of the book "Populismo" by Manuel Anselmi; at 7.00 pm space for children with a play area for children.
At 7.30 pm meeting with the authors: presentation of the book "Revolution, rebellions, changes and utopias", Quod Libet's 2018 almanac. At 20:30 another editorial project will be presented: "Montalto di Castro. History of a territory "with Emanuele Eutizi, Carlo Alberto Falzetti and Daniele Mattei.
At 9.00 pm the appointment will be with the charity dinner of the parish group "The 40 Martyrs of Sebaste" in Piazza Felice Guglielmi.
At 9.30 pm the guided tour in the historic center with the flag-wavers and the historic court of the city of Montalto; at 22:00 the event of 21 July will end with "Soreta & Kamorra - Acustic Trio".