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Fuori Posto
Fuori Posto
Theater festival to the limit
Fuori Posto
Fuori Posto | Theater festival to the limit

OUT OF PLACE. FESTIVAL DI TEATRI AL LIMITE offers theater, dance and danceability, music, art installations, installations, photographic exhibitions, workshops to tell stories that make the "difference". All in the form of urban performances and in close contact with the public.

OUT OF PLACE. FESTIVAL DI TEATRI AL LIMITE is a festival that chooses to offer its shows only in places out of place: markets, squares, metro, galleries, monuments, cultural centers. Out of place is a festival that approaches the public until it becomes part of the work.

The Fuori Posto festival tells stories that make the "difference", proposes shows that reflect on social issues: such as disability, homosexuality, environment. The festival is aesthetic and ethical. Also out of place, it is the only street festival and unconventional spaces in Italy, which focuses on the ability of disabled artists to create high-level artistic performances.

OUT OF PLACE was born in 2013, within the Valmelaina Market with the aim of attracting an audience of hasty, indifferent passers-by, to drag it into shows that invite us to reflect on the theme of "differences". In the summer of 2014 the festival gets bigger, takes place between the Viale Stefanini market and the Andrea Campagna Park, formerly Filippo Meda, where companies from all over Italy and internationally renowned artists like the ballerina Simona Atzori, born without arms, arrive.

All the protagonists of the festival days are united by the desire to be in the right "Fuori Posto" and even the public is finally in the right place, out of indifference. In the winter 2014-2015 the Festival begins a journey within the IV Municipality of Rome and involves the whole territory, including schools; 80 boys become, together with professionals, protagonists of the show at the Centro Culturale Aldo Fabrizi and the Metro Ponte Mammolo.

In 2015 the fourth edition arrives in the splendid setting of Piazza San Silvestro and Galleria Alberto Sordi, with dance and videmapping shows. About 60 dancers, disabled or not, involve the public, moved, dancing, surprised. The performances also entered the Stores of the Gallery.