Comics in museums

Comics in museums
Comics in museums
state museums told through and illustrations
Comics in museums
Comics in museums | state museums told through and illustrations

Twenty-two books tell Italian museums through the art of comics. Comics in the Museums is the series of graphic novel designed for museum education, which inaugurates a new dialogue between students and museums.

The initiative stems from the desire to introduce young people to the collections of Italian museums, through an unprecedented language. The goal is to make the visit a training experience and at the same time fun.

The project comes to life from the meeting between the directors of the Italian museums and some of the most famous cartoonists of the national scene, who told the collections of the Italian museum heritage, through fictional stories, inspired by historical elements. exhibition set up at the Central Institute for Graphics - the largest museum of Italian prints - in which all the images of the covers of the books, a selection of comic strips, sketches and sketches are exhibited (from 21 February to 1 April) original artists.

At the end of the exhibition, which will end on April 1st, all the original exhibited prints will become part of the patrimony of the Central Institute for Graphics, thus constituting the first important nucleus of works of the Institute linked to the art of comics.

Comics in museums is a project conceived and curated by the Press and Communication Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, created in collaboration with Coconino Press - Fandango and with the support of Ales Spa, of the Center for Educational Services ( MiBACT) and the Directorate General for Museums (MiBACT).