Free Art Friday

Free Art Friday
Free Art Friday
come across free works of art...
Free Art Friday
Free Art Friday | come across free works of art...

On the 17th of March the British artist My Dog Sighs will complete a work on the external wall of the Nuovo Regina Margherita structure of ASL Roma 1. The realization of the work is curated by Forgotten, a project born from the need to enhance the architectural heritage contemporary of the city of Rome through urban art. The intervention of My Dog Sighs inaugurates the second edition focusing the spotlight on all those hospitals that are undergoing a process of reconversion.

In honor of the artist My Dog Sighs, Forgotten will organize the first FREE ART FRIDAY - event with an international format, conceived by the same British artist.

FREE ART FRIDAY is an event during which passersby come across random works of art, which can take home at no cost.
Artists from all over the world have participated in the Free Art Friday, leaving their works on the street for free for the satisfaction of being able to create art free from the posts imposed by the galleries, to give a free voice to an idea or a political message, or simply to surprise and entertain the passersby.
The first Free Art Friday of Rome will take place Saturday, March 17, 2018 and provides for the installation of works of art in the streets and alleys of Trastevere (San Cosimato area) starting at 17.00.

FORGOTTEN arises from the need to enhance certain categories of buildings that risk being "forgotten" by the citizen who no longer recognizes the social, cultural and urban centrality. The aim of the project is to bring attention to certain types of buildings - considered to be of high quality potential - through targeted artistic interventions and a series of initiatives aimed at the active participation of citizens.