Photo by Antonio Barrella

At the end of 2012 Francesco and Riccardo, who play in the group OverWakingLife, recorded an EP, “Hycs the pixie”, for which Francesca designs the graphics. With the disc hot off the press –

and the first doubts about the future – there was a growing need to know more about the self-production phase, the one that allows the discs to be listened to by somebody. “ExitWell”, a two-monthly magazine printed free of charge, entirely dedicated to independent and emerging music, was created with a strong idea of education, in a certain way.

The second key moment: September 2013, “ExitWell” is invited to the MEI. In contact with the festivals, artists and productions, the magazine accelerates visibly, reaching national distribution in

just a few months (mostly self-financed, of course). Almost 5 years after, the scenario has not changed: music school continue to train technically talented musicians, who are physiologically lacking in knowledge about what happens after recording. “ExitWell” is more stable, on the other hand, «we now know how to make a magazine, our machine – thanks to the work of our invaluable staff – is well oiled, we are ready to move on to the next phase (which will not be

the last one): Adastra».

Adastra is the music accelerator launched in November 2016. It works in a similar way to the well-known enterprise incubators for start-ups: the artist is given widespread tutoring in all aspects

of musical life, planning his work in every aspect, writing press releases and press kits, giving access to a number of auxiliary services at a limited price thanks to the support from technical

partners (recording, photo-shoots and lots more).

But for Francesco, Riccardo and Francesca there is still another evolution on the horizon: the foundation of a multi-functional centre dedicated to music, to offer artists all the support, tools and services that they need. Best wishes for their work.

The story has been written by Andrea Pergola, writer.