Francesca Di Meo

Francesca Di Meo
Francesca Di Meo
Photo by Antonio Barrella
Francesca Di Meo
Francesca Di Meo

Creativity at the service of people: this is imperative tha Eyes Made Studio seems to suggest with its multiple projects aimed at benefitting people.

In particular, Eyes Made started as a project by the social cooperative that has the same name. It generates innovation, optimising the numerous skills that are peculiar of or enhanced in people with hearing disabilities.

With new technologies and visual media, deaf people are mostly focused on using images, and so are a great wealth for the creative sector, due to their marked visual skills. Cultural inclusion of the deaf community takes centre stage for Eyes Made Studio, with which Francesca Di Meo, the company’s legal representative, together with her colleagues (Elena Danesin, Deborah Donadio, Luigi De Negri and Silvia Palmieri) aims to guarantee the presence of products and services for accessible communication in as large an area as possible.

Alongside this ambitious, praiseworthy project, there is also the desire to make known and enhance not just the practical aspect, but also the cultural aspect of sign language.

To fully enter any culture, in fact, it is necessary to learn the language that is the keeper of that culture, and this concept has been expressed in an exemplary way by the American writer of Bengali origin Jhumpa Lahiri in the book “In other words”, a wonderful title that would also fit the Eyes Made Studio project.

The supply of audiovisual products in sign language on the Italian market is made possible thanks to the distribution of works presented at the International Festival of Cinema Sordo Cinedeaf.

As shown by the cooperative members, the distributed video content contains educational, commercial and communicative material in Italian Sign Language and are made using the “deaf lens”. 

The story has been written by Giorgio Ghiotti, writer