Centopagine Exhibition

Centopagine Exhibition
Centopagine Exhibition
the historic books by Italo Calvino
Centopagine Exhibition
Centopagine Exhibition | the historic books by Italo Calvino

Born in the largest digitalization project of editorial material of the site, the exhibition "Centopagine in Rome" brings together all the 77 books of the historical series conceived and directed by Italo Calvino from 1971 to 1985.

The exhibition of the volumes is an attempt to reflect on the interference between the editorial and literary world, re-proposing the importance of the materiality of the book and bringing students, bibliophiles and enthusiasts closer to the knowledge of an editorial event of the late twentieth century with an Italo Calvino protagonist in as a publisher.

The "Centopagine" series constituted a unicum in the publishing scene of the seventies and eighties, re-proposing minor titles and great classics of literature of every age and country; a literary material that well communicated with the idea of ​​Calvino's literature, which took care of the editions until his death.

The series also saw the contribution of graphic designers such as Bruno Munari and Max Huber, who designed the covers: their contribution is thus inserted among the main themes of the exhibition, for a transversal study that embraces graphics, publishing and literature. The cultural project, making available to the public a private book collection, wants to be an important moment of reflection on the editorial work and on the relationship between paper book and digital world, for the type of work carried out by the editorial critic FN website (, which proposes in-depth articles and analyzes of editorial materials (necklaces, covers, lapels and quarts). The exhibition was born in fact from the project to digitize and propose weekly bibliographic cards, images, editorial history of the texts of the series "Centopagine", joined to small essays of study.

The exhibition is organized by the site director, Federico Novaro, writer and critic of the publishing industry, and by Stefano Vittori, graphic designer and member of the Board of Directors of Aiap Lazio; is also edited by journalist Marta Occhipinti, a graduate in "Journalism and Publishing" at the University of Parma and publishing scholar, and by graphic designer Andrea Vendetti, who works for archives and associations dealing with the relationship between graphics, history and politics.