Photo by Antonio Barrella

«One of my favourite games was making a drawing from a simple symbol, that my mother probably taught me so that she wouldn’t find me hanging from some tree branch».

When the illustrator Flavia Sorrentino talks about her first drawings, there is already the echo of a fairytale mixed with daily life.

It is no surprise that many years later, Flavia dedicates herself, among many other projects, to creating covers with new graphic designs for some of the famous classics of literature.

Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet: these are the title of the works for which the covers have been reinvented in an intimate, personal way by this Roman illustrator, for the Special series for Oscar Junior Mondadori.

Animated by the idea of propose again some books that were important to her in a modern style, Flavia explains that she thought back to when she was a teenager, «the luck I had to come across certain books and the fact that, although I was a bit of a rebel and anarchical compared to scholastic standards, I was curious enough to open the pages of some classic novels and, thanks to them, to know myself better».

The idea is to allow new young readers to get to know the classics better, expressing the love for these works through illustrations characterised by modernity and sweetness.

The possibility of understanding the potential for personal enrichment built into the works of authors from the past exists and can also pass through their “clothing” as «although it is said that we must never judge a book by its cover, I think that this is the very soul of the book, the immediate impact, as it is evocative and suggestive of the content, and this is why it must be studied thoroughly, beyond any aesthetic preconception».

The story has been written by Ginevra Lamberti, writer.