Fiaba e disfiaba 2018

Fiaba e disfiaba 2018
Fiaba e disfiaba 2018
The competition that rewards fairy tales and illustrations on the theme of disability
Fiaba e disfiaba 2018
Fiaba e disfiaba 2018 | The competition that rewards fairy tales and illustrations on the theme of disability

The project Fiaba e disfiaba - Pagine al Sole is a literary contest, workshops and a series of events to develop and narrate, in the form of a fairy tale, the theme of the social inclusion of people with disabilities. The project, promoted by La Memoria Del Mondo Publishing Bookshop, Cooperativa Lule and Openmind as part of the independent publishing festival Pagine al Sole, promotes the writing potential of young authors as a tool for social cohesion and inclusion.

The competition wants to stimulate the creation of illustrated fairy tales that propose an alternative reading and far from the stereotypes of disability and is aimed at young people under 35. Each fairy tale, imagined for readers of all ages, must be accompanied by an illustration that translates into images the proposed text, created by the author himself or by a different person.

Who can participate
Participation in the competition is open to authors and illustrators aged between 16 and 35 and residing in Italy (even if they are non-Italian), or who have not yet turned 36 and are 16 years old on the date of 15 May 2018.

Characteristics of the works
The projects must consist of a textual project (fairy tale) and an illustration with the following characteristics:

  • written text (fable) of up to 3 folders (no more than 5500 characters / characters), unpublished and written in Italian;
  • the illustration, unpublished, can be a drawing or painting, or it can be a graphic project realized with image processing programs or with other manual technique.

The first 20 classified projects will be published in an anthological collection entitled Fiabe e disfiabe, presented during the award ceremony to be held in Cuggiono in December 2018. The authors (writer and illustrator) of the 20 finalist projects will receive 4 free copies (per person) of the anthological collection. Among the 20 finalists will be chosen the first 3 winning projects, recipients of a cash award: 1st place 500 euros, 2nd place 300 euros and 3rd place 200 euros. Further recognition for the first 5 pairs of winners will be the invitation to participate for free in an intensive and residential weekend of creative writing (between January and March 2019), at a multi-purpose facility in the Castanese - Magentino area

Deadlines and participation
Participation in the contest is free. Any author of texts or illustrations can participate with just one project. To participate you must fill in the appropriate online form and upload the project and the attachments required in the Regulations, by midnight on September 6, 2018. For the minor participants is required the release signed by the parents.