Festival Dominio Pubblico

Festival Dominio Pubblico
Festival Dominio Pubblico
From 30 May to 4 June 2017 Rome is under 25
Festival Dominio Pubblico
Festival Dominio Pubblico | From 30 May to 4 June 2017 Rome is under 25

No one can appropriately adopt what is Public Domain, but everyone can take that good and enjoy it
First Edition Poster of 2014

With the support of Regione Lazio, on May 30th, the Festival Dominio Pubblico Creativity Under 25. The Festival is the result of the entire Dominio Pubblico project aimed exclusively at under 25 kids who want to try, experiment, test by following a path from Active spectators aiming at the production, promotion and organization of a multidisciplinary festival.

Over the years, the Festival has grown considerably in terms of reputation and prestige so much that it has created national partnership networks - winning the Siae / Sillumina call and collaborating with the MigrArti project: In this edition will be about 50 events between theatrical performances and Dance, audiovisual, visual arts and concerts.

Among the exceptional guests, national and international, we point out the Bolognese electropop musical group Lo Stato Sociale, Takoua Ben Mohamed, Tunisian cartoonist and graphic novelist of the "Intercultural Cartoon"; The young band Inna Cantina Sound, a Roman band among the best known in the reggae scene and Italian raggamuffin.

In this edition, there will be intercultural projects in the Roman suburbs through places such as MONK, Teatro Quarticciolo and Cinema Aquila al Pigneto, not only among the novelties of this year also an important initiative promoted by the Mutualist Institute Interpreters and Performers who will dedicate All the young artists involved a prize for enhancing the Under 25 Talents. The prize will be awarded by a popular jury and a technical jury composed by editors of some major industry magazines in the fields of cinema, music and live entertainment. The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the Teatro di Ostia Antica during the Festival THE MYTH AND DREAM - June-July 2017.