Festival of civil commitment

Festival of civil commitment
Festival of civil commitment
Another story
Festival of civil commitment
Festival of civil commitment | Another story

What can we do concretely to fight disenchantment, corruption and malfeasance? From this question came the need for a confrontation and the desire to gather together the countless realities of resistance that in recent years have emerged around the show  Dieci storie proprio così (now in its third edition).

The goal is to confront, deepen, not lower the guard: start to notice. Artists, students, magistrates, journalists and associations will participate to try to understand and respond, at least in part, to these questions.

We do it in a common space, where we can be together and tell through theater, exhibitions, videos, a country that is still able to surprise. The Festival is free admission and paid events are shows Dieci storie proprio così, terzo atto e Pulcinella e Zampalesta nella terra dei fuochi.

During the Festival in the bar area, set up in the Foyer of Room A, it will be possible to taste the products of the associations that work on the assets confiscated from the mafias. In addition, a journalist area will be set up: press space, blogs, social media and communication, video and radio.

In addition to the normal programming in the notes, in Foyer Hall A you will be able to visit visMc Mafia, an exhibition of comics about mafias and anti-mafia: mafia, camorra and 'ndrangheta in the comics production that goes from the post-war period to today, by Ass. Da Sud and Museum of Comics.