Music Festival in WEGIL

Music Festival in WEGIL
Music Festival in WEGIL
27/5000 an ode to music in wegil
Music Festival in WEGIL
Music Festival in WEGIL | 27/5000 an ode to music in wegil

On 21 June, from 4 pm to midnight, Rome lights up for a party evening. With the Music Festival of Rome 2018, music can reach everywhere: in outdoor places, in the courtyards, in the streets even more unknown, in the corners and in the most unexpected places.

This year also the Lazio Region and WEGIL join the Music Festival.

On June 21, 1982, with the initiative devised by the French Ministry of Culture, throughout France, amateur and professional musicians invade streets, courtyards, squares, gardens, stations, museums. Not only content to make the musical practice visible, the Music Festival has become an authentic social phenomenon.

Since 1985, European Year of Music, the Music Festival takes place in Europe and in the world. Since 1995, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Naples, Paris, Prague, Rome, Senigallia are the founding cities of the European Music Festival. Since 2002, thanks to the work done by AIPFM (Italian Association for the Promotion of the Music Festival), in Italy more than 280 cities have joined, creating a network distributed throughout the national territory.

Lots of live music concerts take place every year on 21 June in all the cities, mainly in the open air, with the participation of musicians of all levels and of all kinds. Free concerts, value of musical gesture, spontaneity, availability, curiosity, all the music belong to the festival.

Amateur or professional, everyone can freely express, the Music Festival belongs, first of all, to those who do it. Thursday 21st of June, appointment at WEGIL to celebrate the start of the summer from 8.00 pm to midnight with the music of young people from Lazio.

Everyone is invited to play, sing and participate in simple ways. Amateurs and professionals: everyone can take their instrument or choose their favorite repertoire and make music spontaneously.

The invitation for this 2018 edition is to involve many more areas of the city with music and prepare to sing at 21.21 of 21 June, all together, in every corner of Rome, a single song.

The song will be announced a few weeks before the Music Festival.