Festa dell'Altra Estate

Festa dell'Altra Estate
Festa dell'Altra Estate
presentations, debates, music, cinema, theater and workshops
Festa dell'Altra Estate
Festa dell'Altra Estate | presentations, debates, music, cinema, theater and workshops

Casetta Rossa is a space animated by a large group of people who day after day wants to build the conditions for another possible world. Casetta Rossa promotes initiatives free of charge through the commitment of activists and activists or at most asking for a voluntary contribution to cover expenses precisely because the main objective remains the sharing and participation of the territory and the community.

Here book presentations, film screenings and debates are organized. Brick by brick, starting from here, we want to self-govern our territory. We self-manage the Parco Cavallo Pazzo, the neighboring park in Casetta, and we try to redevelop it to make it more usable by all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, big and small. La Casetta Rossa is a space open to all and everyone who thinks the future is here and now.

Like every year the association hosts the enthralling Festa dell'Altra Estate, where it will be difficult to participate in presentations, debates, workshops, music, cinema, theater and activities for young and old. All for free admission!

It starts on 5 July 2018 with the opening toast party and musical aperitif with the Quinto Quarto and we greet you with the inevitable Water War waterfights. There are many activities for adults and children, which will populate the Cavallo Pazzo park with free entrance events.

In addition to the many organized initiatives, the ordinary activities of the Casetta Rossa continue as usual: from Tuesday morning to Sunday afternoon the Lodge will remain open for lunch, aperitif and dinner. During the Feast of the Other Summer, dinner and events also live thanks to the precious help of the volunteers. "

It is a self-managed social space that is located in Garbatella in the VIII Town Hall in Rome and that in these years, beginning in 2001, has given life to many political, social and cultural initiatives, as well as a popular wood-burning oven that can be enjoyed by all the community, a supportive buying group, activities for children, theater workshops, acting or bakery, photography courses or even organizing excursions, walking and cycling for Rome and Lazio to get to know the historical places and popular neighborhoods.