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Feminism | the women's publishing fair

For the first time at the International Women's Home, the women's publishing fair is held, a festive event with free admission starting on March 8th.

The I Fair of women's publishing in Italy will be hosted in a historic place: the International House of Women located in the Palazzo del Buon Pastore, right in the heart of Trastevere, a free admission appointment in the former Reclusorio for women from the 1600s.

The choice of the fair's title is not accidental: "Feminism", term referred to as "Word of the Year 2017" in the Merrian-Webster dictionary, is the most pronounced and explained word, also due to the multiple complaints about political, economic and of the sexes.

With about 70 stands of publishing houses, the Fair offers the contemporary cultural production of women and, with the documentary exhibition curated by Archivia, a look at the publishing of the last century. The publishing houses are also entrusted with the task of animating the days of Feminism thanks to the meetings that see the writers in dialogue with the public. Many also the thematic focus on the supply chain of the author book, from production to diffusion.

The main intent is to highlight, through the "Focuses", all the steps of the "Book of Authors' book": editorial choices, the drafting of the text, production, promotion, distribution and critical and popular activity of specific publications, both on paper and on-line, using testimonies and debates with director of publishing houses, necklaces, bookshops, libraries and translators. Will be treated historical and extremely topical issues such as eco-feminism, testimonies of prisoners and prison police officers, the emblematic history of women in the mental hospitals of fascist Italy, relations with migrant women writers from the Arab world, lesbianism and women's rights explained to girls.