Photo by Antonio Barrella

Federico Marrone is 27 years old, speaks fluent German as he went to a German school, and halfway through his successful university studies in medicine, the ones that every family wants, he decided to give it all up to follow his big passion: fishing.

Federico grew up in San Lorenzo, he loves nature and he feels most attracted by sea, between all natural landscapes. That is unusual for a boy who grew up in a place where there is no sea.

It is said that people who see the sea every day are different, that they grow up with different ideas and a more fluid mental openness.

I don’t know if it is true or not, but even with high-rise buildings in front of him every day, Federico doesn’t feel at home in the city, because he is a creature of the sea.

A true fishing scholar who knows the behaviour of every kind of fish as if they were populations on land. His passion shows in the way he doesn’t like any city environment and in the bright tone that his voice takes on when speaking on the phone to me about his fishing experiences around the world: in Australia, Madagascar and Thailand.

Starting a blog was the first brick for what would become his company: Urban Fishing Lures, a particular type of lure for predatory fish, made by Federico himself in the guest room of his houses that has been turned into his laboratory.

Federico is in charge of the entire production chain for his idea: the lure is designed, created and advertised by him.

He takes care of every aspect of the product, as if it should be an item for his own personal use.

This is what, I believe, is the driving force that guides Federico in his work.

He has succeeded in the singular undertaking of passion, or has bet on doing so, risking but without losing any opportunity: to make work out of his own happiness.

The story has been written by Nicola Ingenito, writer.