Wooden tales

Wooden tales
Wooden tales
Revealing the most childish part of every one of us
Wooden tales
Wooden tales

A passion that is more than a job for Daniela Galluzzo, Calabrian artist, who moved to Rome to pursue her greatest dream: shaping wood. Inspired by the artist Massimo Sansavini's technique, Daniela approaches this material in an almost 'childish' way, as she likes to point out citing a Tom Robbins sentence: "It is never too late to make a happy childhood."

When did your passion for wood begin?
I was working on my final thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria. At that time I discovered the technique of the artist Massimo Sansavini made of wooden joints. It was love at first sight and this passion led me then to move to Rome.

Yours choice is categorical: working wood only. Why?
I like this material because it is malleable, soft, pure and comes from nature. Wood is wood! Its features allow me to create works of different types: paintings, magnets, mirrors, lamps and furniture accessories in general.

Your style is your trademark. What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from the world of childhood, our dreams are often caught in the duties of everyday life. I try to awaken the childlike and pure part of each one of us and I do it through colours, which are another essential element of my work.

Who are your main customers?
All those who are not afraid to awaken the childish part inside them.

How did you manage to turn your dream into a job?
With much effort and determination. It is not easy, there are still many difficulties; it is always difficult to pay the bills because my work is often underestimated or paid less than all the effort behind it. I try to stay well organized, working alone and from home where I created my 'hand made' laboratory thanks to the patience of my roommates.

Without a shop or a workshop, how did you manage to become well known?
Social networks have definitely helped me, as well as the fact of showing my works in many exhibition where I can sell them. It is important for those who make my job to care about communication. Word of mouth is still important: despite the infinite possibilities of the web, at the beginning word of mouth is the best way to bring the works of a new talent to the attention of the audience. That's how my first works were commissioned and I still continue to work on commission.

What was until now your greatest satisfaction?
Definitely having my customers happy for the work I made makes me satisfied. I remember with a special emotion the project I made for a blind singer: I embossed a piece of wood on his face. Touching my work makes him to 'see himself'.

Projects and future dreams?
The greatest desire is to be able to open a workshop of my own in this city. And in the meantime I would like to start building a large piece of furniture. But that's another story!