FABER 2018

FABER 2018
FABER 2018
creativity, business and innovation
FABER 2018
FABER 2018 | creativity, business and innovation

Launch of the fifth edition of Faber, organized by SocialTech in collaboration with Impact Hub Torino, with the support of CCIAAd for the project that brings together digital creators, businesses and startups. Strong of the success obtained in past editions, which make it one of the historical notes dedicated to innovation, Faber maintains its winning formula, that is to enhance the skills of young and very young, and to meet those who are able to develop innovative languages ​​and contents, in the fields of digital creativity, with companies, organizations, incubation and acceleration spaces potentially interested in their skills.

As always, Faber develops through a national competition. The young creatives aged between 18 and 35 will be able to compete with a work carried out in the last 18 months, by June 25, 2018. The winners, as well as for the past editions, will win the participation in the Fabermeeting, the free event with invitations that it will take place on 26th and 27th October 2018 at Impact Hub in Turin.

There are also 12 special prizes, offered by partners in the form of paid internships, opportunities for advanced training, free professional services and business support.

This year, Faber has over 40 partners - including companies, higher education and research organizations, third sector subjects - who have understood and appreciated the effort made and have enthusiastically joined this new edition. The young people previously awarded can testify with their experience that as from this occasion numerous opportunities for growth and collaboration were born.

The sections in which the various works can compete are.

  • Live action and animation

fiction and documentaries; video clips and promotional films; 3D or traditional animations; promo, demo, initials mostly in animation.

  • Visual and graphic design

infographics; data visualization; visual identities; coordinated images; branding; packaging.

  • Gaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

video games; augmented or virtual reality applications.

  • Web sites and platforms, apps and IoTs

sites, blogs; web platforms; communication and business solution projects, circular and collaborative economy platforms in general; e-commerce models; app for telephony and tablets; IoT services.

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