Eur eco urban

Eur eco urban
Eur eco urban
Photo by Antonio Barrella
Eur eco urban
Eur eco urban

The "A+A Architects – EUR Eco Urban Revolution" project was set up following the participation in a competition for the upgrading of three towers in EUR, the so-called “Ligini” towers.

The drive behind these two architects from Lazio, who have opened a studio together, was their personal gamble: focusing mostly, almost all, on the delicate reconversion of existing spaces, accurate recovery, careful requalification.

The essential point of all this is having to work in a city like Rome, magnificent but exasperating in terms of mobility and quality of services for the citizens.

Chaotic, dispersive, noisily present. Beautiful but beyond difficult, incredible in both its good and bad points.

Alessio Volpe and Antonella Ciavardini mainly work in the private sector, offering functional architecture which always respects the environmental impact; which is dynamic but not aggressive, up with the times but not forgetful of how much the past context can offer.

Is it possible, therefore, to live in Rome in a different way? Is it really necessary to think of all this as something utopian or at least very very remote?

Eco Urban Revolution has preferred to entrust itself to hope rather than disillusion, and demanded the vision of a different place from its long-sightedness, one that is more human, able to create a new sense of urbanity and social community.


Above all by bringing green areas back to the city, upgrading already existing spaces with a different sensitivity, refusing the idea of an operational road, where beauty and quality are not important.

Via a diametrically opposite ethical view, Volpe and Ciavardini offer us a cue for bringing Rome back to life.

The story has been written by Angela Bubba, writer.