Art meets fun
Enjoy | Art meets fun

After the success of the original exhibition "Love, Art meets Love", which has recorded the influx of 150,000 viewers, especially young people, the Chiostro del Bramante presents ENJOY. Art meets fun, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Danilo Eccher.

The innovative programming path developed by DART Chiostro del Bramante proposes once again a unique exposition for the singularity of the works, which places under the magnifying glass the various perceptual possibilities associated with them. An experience that the spectator can do through the languages ​​and poetics of some of the most prominent and provocative protagonists of contemporary art.

Sometimes breaking the rules does not mean transgressing, but extending the boundaries. A rule that the Bramante Cloister has long pursued in its programming lines, exhibiting exhibits out of the exhibition conventions scheme, where the originality of the path is the basis of the ideative project.

Becoming a national and international reference museum of contemporary art, the Cloister departs from these presuppositions for the exhibition that will be proposed from September 23, 2017 to February 25, 2018. It is called Enjoy and it has subtitle under the title Art meets fun: locution emblematic that wants to indicate not only a different way of living art, but above all giving "space and spatiality" to the works of well-known artists.

In fact, many works are site specific, designed and built by guest artists precisely for the Bramante Cloisters environments, whose organization - which is headed by DART - adds to the creativity of the exhibition a remarkable productive effort by offering unpublished works.

Among the big names aligned are Tinguely, Calder, Fogliati, Erlich, Creed, Neto, Collishaw, Ourlser, Wurm, TeamLab, Hans op De Beeck, De Dominicis, Gander, the protagonists of the '900 historical and the third millennium. the subtle thread, the fun, taken in the etymological meaning of the word: to carry elsewhere.

The other, the other by itself, the loss of the arts and the unconscious is what unites the gesture of all the artists present in Enjoy, whose works will guide the visitor in an invisible but strongly traced pathway that they will come to life in an uninterrupted interactive and playful relationship, where different perceptions of the "outside themselves" will play a key role.

"The dimension of pleasure, play, fun, and excess," says Danilo Eccher, curator of the exhibition, "have always been central members of Art; Art inflames in pain but feeds on pleasures and is always a dance of contrasts. Illusion is a transparency that deforms reality, a subtle appearance where everything is possible, now suggesting the question of enigma, now the smile of surprise. "

Then, in Enjoy, from the light sculptures of Alexander Calder, the spectator can get lost in the endless labyrinth of Leandro Erlich's mirrors, then immerse themselves and emerge from Martin Creed's play-conceptual installations or in the sophisticated illusory lights of TeamLab taking shape and only interact with the public, or be pursued by Tony Oursler's prying and disturbing eyes and be in contact with the deformed bodies of Erwin Wurm and so on, as an artist in the artist, of the room in the hall: the Chiostro del Bramante will become an elective place of a reality to be discovered, which exists in every installation (some of the most important), to a reality that, however, may not be.

On the other hand, as Paul Klee says: "Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible."