Photo by Antonio Barrella

Emanuele Capponi is not an artist. He says that himself, with a small sigh. He doesn’t like to be tied down, forced to sit in a single sector, without being able to leave it, without being able to wander free wherever his ideas take him. Variety is his territory. Illustration, photography, music, directing. Then Graphics, is his work. Life is not a track for him, but a continuous crossroads of intuitions.

Emanuele Capponi prefers to call himself a creative. Emanuele says lots of things and does so with an awareness that is both fascinating and frightening. He knows the power of words. Communication is his trade, and in his hands it becomes a spell. The best possible storytelling: everything becomes a fairytale in his mouth.

He knows how to talk about himself. «I’m a nerd, long before it became fashionable».

He has already made his early stages into a story: still at Graphics school, he went to a lesson held by an Art Director, almost by chance. The director promised: I will have the best student come to work with me.

Just like in a story, he was the best one, and from there, events just began to unfold.

Book covers, advertising, product restyling, theatre posters, personal projects, photographs and a short film that he fully wrote and directed himself.

He worked with publishers such as Armando Curcio Editore, designed the celebration logo of the 40th anniversary of Estathé for Ferrero and began to work regularly for the advertising agency The Brand Shop.

A path that has led him to In Dream, a project that merges music, words and images. Three songs by the Editors, a music group that Emanuele loves and feels close to, were his inspiration. The gamble was to «transform words and music» into a visual synthesis.

The harsh, dystonic sounds of the songs ring out in the darkness of the images, creating a complete, exciting synaesthesia.

And if Tom Smith himself from the Editors has congratulated him, we can be sure that the gamble has paid off.

The story has been written by Ida Amlesù, writer.