Doppio Diesis

Doppio Diesis
Doppio Diesis
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Doppio Diesis

Doppiodiesis is an Association founded in 1997 with the aim of spreading the music culture in Lazio, especially the choral song.

Animated by a group of fans, adults and children who love playing music together, keeping alive and promoting the cultural and musical tradition of the area.

The association organizes courses, workshops and educational courses specific for adults and children, where they experience in repertory group of oral tradition of different cultures, both Italian and foreign, historical and contemporary.

Doppiodiesis sets ambitious goals: preserving and spreading the music culture on and on the territory; joining people on a path that, by recognizing and accepting cultural and individual diversity, brings together the differences in feeling group through music; fostering partnerships between individuals, schools and territories in promoting together pathways aimed at civic coexistence; facilitate interpersonal relationships and enhancing the social skills of adults and children through research projects and training courses that use music as a tool for education and growth.

Among the main activities there are: choral music with four mixed voices (chapel, chamber, opera, popular, gospel); the world music labs (choreographic song, percussion, body percussion,); choral exhibitions and operatic festivals, in collaboration with Local Authorities and the Province of Rome; music proposals for inclusion in school and intercultural (for students); training / upgrading projects for music teachers for inclusion and intercultural education.

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