Digital Nature 2018

Digital Nature 2018
Digital Nature 2018
art, science and technology
Digital Nature 2018
Digital Nature 2018 | art, science and technology

The Group78 International Contemporary Art, a cultural association of Trieste, promotes the Digital Nature Competition dedicated to the combination of art, science and technology.
The aim of the competition - which is an integral part of the Robotics Festival of Art and Robotics - is to give visibility to young artists under 25 demonstrating their innovative skills on the theme of co-evolution in nature and technology, employing neuro-sciences and biotechnology, aligning on the new frontiers of admixture between digital data and the physical world of our bodies. The Festival aims to inform about a theme with planetary expansion like that of robotics, in relation to the sphere of art. The winning project will be realized and will participate in the international exhibition set up in the space of the Hydro-Dynamic Plant of the Old Port of Trieste.

Participants are requested a detailed project, which will be carried out during the Festival. The competition is open to creative courses that develop in the areas of: robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, network projects, telepresence and communication, interactive events with public participation, innovative interfaces, hardware and software, apps, 3D prints, laser cuts and, in general, expressions that are part of the so-called new media art. Implementation methods may include installations, performative events, settings, etc.
The project must highlight the artistic concept and the technical implementation for interactive on-site presentation (hardware, software), spatial indications. Furthermore, it is necessary to send a video documentation of about 3 minutes with images of the work to be inserted. The inclusion of recent works (between 2016 and 2018) is required.

The selected project will be realized with the contribution of the Prize and included in the international exhibition of the Festival, which will take place from 17 to 28 November 2018. The award of the prize of 2,000 euros is foreseen, to be used for the realization of the chosen work.

Deadlines and participation
Participation in the contest is free. The application form, together with the documentation and materials indicated in the Regulations must be sent via the appropriate online form, by 31 August 2018.