Young designers for Italian museums
DaM | Young designers for Italian museums

Young Designers for Italian Museums' is a project promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - Directorate General Museums together with the City of Modena - Youth Art and GAI Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists with the aim to solicit a reflection on new forms of fruition of museums and places of culture.

The competition is aimed at young creatives - designers, artists, architects, students - under 35, inviting them to develop a project related to accessibility and the means of communication to improve the reception of the public and users of the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena. The aim is to tackle the theme of change in the museum, in particular with regard to communication at all levels of Italian cultural heritage.

For those wishing to take part, it is invited to present innovative and original Service Design projects, in which the various aspects of communication are combined - panels, captions, signage, orientation systems, definition of visit paths - and any virtual applications.

This Call is open to candidates (individuals or groups) who have the following requisites: between the ages of 18 and 35, Italian or foreign nationality with residence in Italy for at least 1 year. Applications must be received by and no later than 1.00 pm Italian time on 14 June 2018. The deadline for submitting applications is relative to the date and time of receipt by the Competition Secretariat in accordance with the methods indicated below. The date of submission and / or postmark will be valid.

to the winners of the competition, the following prizes will be awarded,

1st Prize (winner) 5,000 euros net
2nd prize (mention) 1,500 euros net
3rd Prize (mention) 1,500 euro net

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